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UPDATE: Linux (and free OSs) in the Indian Press (March 2001)

* PCQUEST, MARCH 2001 promises to show how to
   "give new life to old hardware (with) software that can
   make your old PC blazing fast". It focuses on QNX,
   the free OS, and New Deal 3, a fast office suite even 
   for the 286.
* THIS ISSUE offers details on how to configure QNX,
   file sharing on this OS, going online with QNX, and
   proxying with QNX.
* ON THE PCQUEST's CD is the Linux kernel 2.4.1.
* THERE'S ALSO A foxus on McAfee for Linux, on
   Page 77-78, in an article by Kishore Bhargava titled
   Clean That Bug With Linux.
* JASUBHAI'S ChipPlus special issue on Freeware
   priced at Rs 150 also offers Gimp For Windows.
* CHIP'S MARCH 2001 Issue meanwhile features a
   brief interview with Wrox India's director Vijay Tase,
   in its QuickTake column. Is Wrox more than just
   a publishing firm? Check asptoday.com and
   p2p.wrox.com for the hints of an answer. What events
   is Wrox lining up for India? A net conference in 
   Chandigarh, C++ for Pune, Java at Mumbai, and
   of course, Bang!inux at Bangalore.
* THE PENGUIN strikes back. That's the title of a
   response to Kiran Jonnalagadda's earlier write-up
   on Linux and where it could do better. This response
   is featured in the letters-to-the-editor column. KJ is,
   incidentally, now a honorary member of the ILUG-Goa.
   As he clarifies, "I actually like Linux a lot...."  
* CHIP ONCE AGAIN reminds its readers that an 
   Indian (read, affordable) version of *Dr Dobb's Journal*
   is soon coming to India, and the issue it highlights
   deals with a lot of Linux subjects.
* MEANWHILE, the DrChip column (of guidance for
   readers) features _no_ questions on Linux. Don't we
   need any help then? Or is it simply that the Linux-India-
   Help electronic mailing lists are all that much more faster
   and effective for tasks like this? --FN
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