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Re: UPDATE: Linux, making its impact abroad and in India...

Hi Gilbert, Far from it! I'm no expert on this subject, but just a humble
hack, writing something based on the knowledge of others. It's great to
hear from the Philippines, and someone interested in Linux.
Permit me to send your mail to my friends at the LinuxIndia network. There
are a whole lot of knowledgeable guys out there. In addition, some of them
have been working on how specificially Open Source/Free Software is
vitally relevant to countries like ours.
Also please visit their website at http://www.linux-india.org
Sometime back, I picked the brains of some of the active members of this
network, and put together an article on Linux and India. Will try to send
you a copy of that if it can be located easily on my comp's
hard-disk. Best wishes, Frederick

On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Gilbert Lumantao wrote:

> dear sir,
> i am supposed to deliver a lecture on the free software and the open source 
> movements and their significance to the philippines. i regularly receive 
> your posts at the s-asia-it@xxxxxxxxx which i think are related to the topic 
> and hence assumed that you are an expert. can you please point me out to 
> related resources online? thank you.
> gilbert e. lumantao
> information technology law program
> institute of international legal studies
> university of the philippines law center
> other email: gilbert.lumantao@xxxxxxxxxxxx