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UPDATES: Linux in the news...

LINUX in the news... Reports from the Press

OPEN-SOURCE OS emerges winner: The
open-source operating system got a shot in
the arm with stalwarts Sun Microsystems, IBM
and Intel rallying support at the LinuxWorld
conference and expo.  (ComputersToday, 
Feb 16-28 issue, P 20)

LINUX UPDATE has corporate appeal. Kernel
2.4.1's biggest addition is the ReiserFS -- a
journaling file system. Journaling file systems are
key to OSs and applications used over
extended corporate networks, as they let
administrators quickly recover data in event
of system failure. (ComputersToday, 
Feb 16-28 issue, P 20)

CALDERA DEAL provides ammunition against
Red Hat. The company signed a deal with Acrylis,
a Linux services company, to give it features
comparable to those of the rival Red Hat network.
(ComputersToday, Feb 16-28 issue, P 20)

LINEO, ONE OF the first companies to push Linux
into non-PC devices, has inked a deal with Force
Computers to build computers based on Red Hat's
version of the OS. Under the deal, Lineo will help
work on the Linux machines using the CompactPCI
design, in which several circuit boards, each with
its own computer, slide into slots.(Computers
Today, Feb 16-28 issue, P 31)

ADVANCED MICRO Devices has released a 
Linux version of a simulator application to help
programmers write software for its upcoming
64-bit chips. AMD hopes Linux will increase
the popularity of its Sledgehammer chip, prototypes
of which are expected soon, with final versions
coming in the first half of 2002. (Computers
Today, Feb 16-28 issue, P 31)

FANS OF LINUX and open-source software
have some unpleasant news to reckon with in
their ongoing struggle to dethrone Redmond-based
Microsoft. The open-source Apache software 
continues to be the most popular server 
software for sending out Web pages, but 
Microsoft's competing product dominates in
the high-end financial transaction part of that 
market, an ongoing study from UK research firm
Netcraft shows. (Computers Today, Feb 
16-28 issue, P 31)

USE POCKETLINUX to create mobile
web applications: Transvirtual Technologies
has introduced PocketLinux Version 1.0 --
touted as the world's first customisable framework 
for information exchange. PocketLinux allows
developers to write mobile applications as
easily as they create Web pages, and allows
users to access any application and data on any
handheld, set-top or Internet appliance. The 
product integrates Kaffe, Transvirtual's
cross-platform development environment, XML
and embedded Linux. http://www.transvirtual.com
(Computers Today, Feb 16-28 issue, P 51)
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