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Re: Re: Re: The LUGs in India

On Wednesday 07 March 2001 14:36, you wrote:
> Mario Da costa rearranged electrons thusly:
> > well said Suresh. And thanks. After reading your mail, even I feel like
> > I have contributed to Linux. I wish I could do more though, I feel
> > handicapped coz I am a predominantly hardware person and never seem to
> > be able to learn programming :o(

Hi Mario, One of the exciting things happening on the hardware-front that has 
a very clear Linux dimension is the Simputer Project 
For those who might have not encountered it yet, it's a project undertaken by 
enthusiasts of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore to build a sub-200$ 
computing device. The goal is to make computing affordable to the average 
villager. And why not! 
People like you have a great deal to contribute! This project is based on 
Linux software, and its aim of keeping its designs CopyLeft, in effect, take 
the Linux spirit into the hardware field too. Check it out... FN