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programming & linux

Mario Da costa saw fit to inform me that: 
>I have contributed to Linux. I wish I could do more though, I feel
>handicapped coz I am a predominantly hardware person and never seem to
>be able to learn programming :o(

Come on Mario. Now where is the link between Programming & Linux.
Take my case. Though I am a programmer, I am a programmer from dos
days, foxpro and then gradually gone to entry level RDBMS
programming. I was always keen on using Unix but during college
days since our Unix server was down I could not do any practicles
on Unix, learnt only some unix commands and was always eagar to
use it. When I came across linux I quenched my thirst of using
Unix / Linux and for the last 2 years happily living with the
penguin :-) Meanwhile making a lot of excellent friends on
LIH/LIG and learning a lot during the process.

So you see being a programmer & using linux or advocating linux
do not match. Though I am using linux for last 2 years, tried
different distros rh, suse, corel now debian but still not
seriously learnt perl, awk etc.

Never done serious C programming too. Just learnt some C during
college days. Thats all. After college days I got stuck up with
foxpro & novell netware wherever I worked.

Just my 2 cents.


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