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Re: Re: Re: Re: The LUGs in India

Kalyan Varma jumps:

> These have been issues with the cochin LUg and those guys
> instead of sorting it out themself, throw it all on Atul.

Good joke...When we have no problems/issues that we do not 
know, what is there to sort out ?  We have not thrown anything
at Atul; he has thrown us out.  I think in a way it is good,
maybe the cruft gets cleared this way !!

I have not contributed anything to GNU/Linux.  I have helped
someone/at someplace to fix his GNU/Linux boxen thereby 
helping him become a better computer user like the listers
here who have helped me, including Atul Chitnis.  This does
not mean that he can do things arbitrarily like painting the
blackboard RED.  Will you allow that ?

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