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Re: Re: Re: The LUGs in India

Kalyan Varma rearranged electrons thusly:

> I completly agree with you. 
> But why was everyone quite when the same question was asked about Atul ??
> ( by rag00 ofcourse )
I dont know why "others" did not participate in that thread - so I'll just
speak for myself.

Despite his rudeness, I feel that Rag00 was raising some valid points.  This
LUG is not an "appeals court", but it is (loosely speaking) a group of equals -
and as the functioning of linux india's website directly concerns linux india,
Rag00 was fully justified in raising the issue of ilug-cochin's website /
subdomain here - but not in the words he used.

Plus, if I (for one) had posted in that thread, it'd have re-started the
flamewar we had recently, which I'm not very interested in continuing.

Finally, thanks to some effort from various people on this list (including
/me), Raghu has apologized for his remarks against Swati.  I consider that case
closed anyway.


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