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Re: IITK Linux mirror

Dwivedi Ajay kumar rearranged electrons thusly:

> 1. Should it be on http or ftp? 
> 	We want that there should be no connection hijacking using
> multipart downloads.
preferably ftp (and / or rsync)

> 2. What all should we mirror? 
> 	We can't start with mirroring everything. I have plans for RH,
> Mandrake, kernel. Need suggestions regarding the others. Also Suggest
> the approx amount of Diskspace needed for this.
Try the Linux documentation project - that's relatively small
Then do the RFCs - nobody has a mirror in India for that I think.  Again smaller size

Kernel definitely. 

As for redhat and mandrake, keep one or the other of the distros - they are
quite similar.  Instead mirror redhat and debian / redhat and slackware.
Debian especially makes it very easy for people with overtaxed bandwidth
(pseudo cd image kits etc).

> 3. How do we restrict the bandwidth/no of users?
> 	We have 2 leased lines of 2mbps each. We would want to restrict
> the max bandwidth so that the users in IITK are not affected. Bandwidth
> issue is one of the main concerns here.
If it is already the main concern, I'd suggest you wait.

> 4. How often do we need to update the mirror?
> 	I think we would have to use rsync for updating. Any ideas?

yes.  each mirror will advise you of the mirroring policy, frequency etc.  it

> 5. Would it be really easy and fast for people to download from iitk
> mirror rather than downloading from US?
hopefully - if your 2 mbps pipes are not saturated, that is

Good Luck!

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