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Re: IITK Linux mirror

Suresh Ramasubramanian saw fit to inform me that: 
>As for redhat and mandrake, keep one or the other of the distros - they are
>quite similar.  Instead mirror redhat and debian / redhat and slackware.
>Debian especially makes it very easy for people with overtaxed bandwidth
>(pseudo cd image kits etc).

Mirroring Debian will be very helpful to debian users since
apt-get install will be much faster and within our limits. Now
only we can only apt-get some small debs due to banndwidth. No
magazine distributes debian in India till Network Computing came
with this issue of theirs.

It would be great if individual debs are mirrored rather than the
iso images. It would be really helpful to apt-get XFree4<update>
debs along with other fat sized debs.

Kudos to Ajay for taking this initiative.

All the best.

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