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Re: Re: IITK Linux mirror

  check sunsite @ iisc It's maintaining debian mirror.

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Rajesh Fowkar wrote:

> Suresh Ramasubramanian saw fit to inform me that: 
> >As for redhat and mandrake, keep one or the other of the distros - they are
> >quite similar.  Instead mirror redhat and debian / redhat and slackware.
> >Debian especially makes it very easy for people with overtaxed bandwidth
> >(pseudo cd image kits etc).
> Mirroring Debian will be very helpful to debian users since
> apt-get install will be much faster and within our limits. Now
> only we can only apt-get some small debs due to banndwidth. No
> magazine distributes debian in India till Network Computing came
> with this issue of theirs.
> It would be great if individual debs are mirrored rather than the
> iso images. It would be really helpful to apt-get XFree4<update>
> debs along with other fat sized debs.
> Kudos to Ajay for taking this initiative.
> All the best.
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