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Re: IITK Linux mirror

> 1. Should it be on http or ftp?
> We want that there should be no connection hijacking using
> multipart downloads.
   FTP is definitely the choice. As you know already it is
connection-oriented, reliable protocol. Also, it supports connection
management etc.

> 2. What all should we mirror?
        Is this plan out of the blue??? Definitely, you need to mirror
Debian, FreeBSD, RH, etc. Also, try mirroring major utilities and HOWTOs.
People often have to FTP to US sites for updating their HOWTO repositories.

> 3. How do we restrict the bandwidth/no of users?
> We have 2 leased lines of 2mbps each.

   With that kind of bandwidth, I'll suggest you scrap the idea altogether.
I have seen how slow browsing gets @ IITK during the evenings. First, try
getting respectable bandwidth. Once the mirror is up, you can expect about
50 simul logins *atleast* from all over India and Asia.
> 5. Would it be really easy and fast for people to download from iitk
> mirror rather than downloading from US?
       Definitely. I for one, look forward eagerly to the Kanpur Linux
mirror. But, I reckon that BSNL is having some routing table problems.
Please get them rectified ASAP. For example, you cannot login to the server using the sancharnet.in domain. It'll help Kanpur'ites if
you publicise the mirror in local newsgroups and print.

       *ALSO* -------> Please join the mailing list/group @
lugk-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .

Saurabh Garg