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Re: IITK Linux mirror

I agree with all the rest but disagree with this -

With that kind of bandwidth, I'll suggest you scrap the idea altogether. I have seen how slow browsing gets @ IITK during the evenings. First, try getting respectable bandwidth. Once the mirror is up, you can expect about 50 simul logins *atleast* from all over India and Asia.

1. there are existing respectable mirrors with 1Mbps bandwidth.
  it's not a small bandwidth at all to be starting off with and
  is more than what most other insitutes in Kanpur currently have.

2. more bandwidth requirement through mirroring will provided
 the added incentive to upgrade bw. otherwise it'll be in the
 chicken and egg mode for even longer than it already has.

3. RFCs, Howtos etc can be set up with minimal bandwidth. 600Mb
  linux distros will probabaly not see many hits. RPMs etc are again
  not very big.

4. IIT-M mirror which allows 50 connections is rarely filled up.
  I've tried logging in several times and each time I'm the only one !

5. mirroring from Kanpur would make it feasible for a lot of people
  in and around Kanpur, Lucknow and elsewhere to get easier/faster
  access to linux content than possible currently, leading to faster
  snowballing of the linux in India.

6. IITK website is quite an oft visited site and just the fact that
  there is a linux link from it will help growth of linux awareness.

7. the above reasons are especially important in Kanpur, because
 computer literacy in U.P and surrounding areas is much smaller than
 say in Hyderabad or Bangalore. linux growth will also help in
 computer and internet growth picking up steam.

8. as I mentioned it is possible to control bandwidth using bandwidth
  shapers and other simpler means. so if it becomes an issue, IITK
  can always control the load.

so please don't argue against setting up a mirror there ASAP
and with whatever resources are available.

the same holds with anyone else that has extra bandwidth to do mirroring.

- Ruchir

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