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Re: IITK Linux mirror

hey Ajay,

thanks for being proactive about this and sorry for not replying to you earlier. here's a list that I had sent to Prof.SKA earlier -
this is purely illustrative and you can choose whatever is
possible. perhaps stick with the linux related content (distros,
linuxdoc, apache, squid) to start off and grow to the other free
content later.

you can use bandwidth shapers (can be activated on any linux box
configured as a router) to limit bandwidth. there may be simpler means, like limiting the number of concurrent connections and/or
daily usage.

http is fine to start off (apache), ftp will be great.

for some people it will definitely be faster, for others not.
the latter can stick with US connections until mirrors become
available in their area.

rsync once a month would be nice.
but important thing  is to get the ball rolling,
so don't bother too much about rsync at first.
here's the list along with approx sizes.

1. www.linuxdoc.org/mirrors.html    - mostly small howto files.
  (Linux Documentation Project, about 250Mb).

2. www.rfc-editor.org/download.html
  (all RFCs to date, about 50Mb).

3. www.cpan.org/SITES.html
  (Comprehensive Perl archive, about 750 Mb).

4. free linux distributions from ftp.redhat.com, ftp.debian.com
  (about 600 Mb each).

5. www.kernel.org/mirrors/become.html
  (updates to linux kernel, estimated to be round 500Mb).

6. www.apache.org/info/how-to-mirror.html
  (free web server and related software, 350 Mb)

7. www.squid-cache.org/Mirrors/
  (free cache, < 50 Mb)

8. http://rpmfind.net/linux/rpm2html/mirrors.html
  (rpms on everything you can imagine,
   have found it to be extremely useful, about 4 Gb in size).

hope other people also take cues from this list to set up
more mirrors. will not only make access faster and speed up
sideways growth of of linux, but will also gradually decrease
cost of internet access for all, by relying less on international
bandwidth (very very expensive !).

muchos gracias Ajay.

- Ruchir

hi all,
	IIT kanpur may come up with a linux mirror. I have to present a
plan to CC Head at 3pm today, and I need advice regarding the same.

	Here are some questions in my mind, Kindly be prompt with your
suggestions. Also give as many as advices you can regarding this.

1. Should it be on http or ftp?
	We want that there should be no connection hijacking using
multipart downloads.

2. What all should we mirror?
	We can't start with mirroring everything. I have plans for RH,
Mandrake, kernel. Need suggestions regarding the others. Also Suggest
the approx amount of Diskspace needed for this.

3. How do we restrict the bandwidth/no of users?
	We have 2 leased lines of 2mbps each. We would want to restrict
the max bandwidth so that the users in IITK are not affected. Bandwidth
issue is one of the main concerns here.

4. How often do we need to update the mirror?
	I think we would have to use rsync for updating. Any ideas?

5. Would it be really easy and fast for people to download from iitk
mirror rather than downloading from US?

	Waiting for your suggestions.

#!!!	If anything can go wrong, _FIX_ it. (To hell with MURPHY)

						Ajay kumar Dwivedi

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