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Re: Re: Re: The LUGs in India

We now have our first legal case by some of us against one of us. The ensuing publicity (despite the undeniable merits of the case) will hurt Linux even more, because people will associate all that is negative about us, with Linux.

this is utter nonsense. this is not going to hurt linux a bit.
it will only serve to reinforce that there are some limits of
civility that if crossed, can have consequences, even over the free
medium of the net. it'll in fact be a good thing if a lesson
is made of this, so people realise that such attacks will not
be tolerated . all powers to Swati in her case against such abuse. this will be good for linux and internet in the long run.

I must say I find your high-priest like sermons to the linux
community rather shallow and self-serving.
talking about a growing cess-pool, the bulk of rag00's ire was
directed against you and your actions or lack thereof, so I don't see
how you can glibly lay the blame on the entire linux community for
what happened.

anyway, enough of these touchy-feely threads of fragile egos
rending their oh-so-hurt emotions out for all to see.
some of the 'men' on this list are more emotional than most
women i've met. and that too on a technology related mailing list.
some of us just need to grow up !

just speaking my mind out.

- r

This is not good, and should not have been allowed to happen.

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