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Re: Re: Re: The LUGs in India

> I'm hereby placing your email address in the blocked list.
> Your posts will be forwarded to the list admin and will 
> only be posted to the list upon approval.

I fully apologize to the list for using the f*** word against
Swati.  It was never intentional and not meant to hurt Swati
and Tarique.  I publicly apologize for this bad language and
will be careful henceforth.

My rebuttals and postings on the issues involved in why
ILUG-Cochin was bumped off, stand.  The main party who is
involved in that issue can never hope to escape from the
deft political move that he (tm) is trying to leverage upon
the Group here.

Re: litigating against me, India is a *free* country and I will
stand up to that.  

Keeping the  Air-Waves FREE.........Amateur Radio
Keeping your Software  FREE.........GNU Project
Keeping the  W W W     FREE..Debian GNU/${kernel}