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Re: [Announce] BAngalore Debian & GNU Enthusiasts (BADGE)

> was the last straw.  You/Swati are well within your rights to sue him,
> and I personally (and I think I'm speaking for the majority of list
> subscribers here) will be glad to support your case in any way
> possible.  The same support would be extended to Atul and Exocore if
> they choose the legal path.

I advocate this, but I also know how futile it is.

> matter -- it should only be done after much soul-searching.  If he is
> banned, it should be clear to everyone that the objection was to the
> form the posts took, not the content.  And finally, it should be
> treated as an isolated incident, not as a precedent for anything.

Agreed : I have done the soul searching I needed to, and I have already
mailed a request directly to thaths requesting that rag00 be banned from
the LI lists. I have been an (unwilling) witness to his uncontrolled and
irrational behavior ever since I joined the first LI list several years
ago. Surely this is the last straw.


PS : The .sig is a coincedence ;)

You're dead, Jim.
		-- McCoy, "The Tholian Web", stardate unknown