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Re: [Announce] BAngalore Debian & GNU Enthusiasts (BADGE)

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Raju Mathur wrote:

> Tarique/Swati,
> First of all I feel personally ashamed at Rag00's post regarding you.
> It was uncalled-for, abusive and in extremely bad taste, and if an
> apology from me is any help, you have it.  As a (hopefully :-)
> responsible member of LI, I apologise on behalf of Rag00 for the pain
> and anger caused to you.

Thank you, Raj, but we feel everyone has to be responsible for his
own actions. An apology from you is not at all called for. Thank you for
understanding our feelings. 

> OTOH, taking a decision to ban someone from the list would be nearly
> unprecedented in the history of LI.  While Rag00 himself has given us
> enough reason to ban him, we should not treat the banning as a trivial
> matter -- it should only be done after much soul-searching.  If he is
> banned, it should be clear to everyone that the objection was to the
> form the posts took, not the content.  And finally, it should be
> treated as an isolated incident, not as a precedent for anything.

We dont want ragh00 to be banned completly -just a reassurance from him
that he will mind his language in future will be enough for us. Rest is
upto the list admn to decide and yes, introspection is needed as to why
such an incident happened at all.

But the above also does not mean that I am not doing what has to be done.

Swati and Tarique

P.S. Yes, I had promised am taking this offlist but, Raj's mail has really
touched me.


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