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Re: Re: Re: The LUGs in India

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Raghavendra Bhat wrote:

> Exactly.  The *Shitcore* chap tried/is still trying to leverage the Kochi Group
> to split, so that a pliable Group comes up.  This is never going to happen because 
> the Group here has different ideas.
> Swati, you need not start bitching now; saying that I am embracing Suresh trying 
> to cozy up to him.  Join up if you have valid points or else go give Tarique a 
> good fuck. ;-)

To let everyone on the list know - legal action is being taken for
defamation and use of profane language towards my person.

I suggest to Atul to take the same course as Ragh00 is defaming him as
well as Exocore.


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