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Re: Re: Re: The LUGs in India

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Raghavendra Bhat wrote:

> Exactly.  The *Shitcore* chap tried/is still trying to leverage the Kochi Group

No group can break up if it doesn't want to. I'd hope that it's the same
with Kochi. So probably you're getting unduely agitated. In no way does
the LI website endorse the existence/nonexistence of the Kochi group, so
it's pointless to argue. The people on the LI groups know that Kochi
exists and the messages have been archived by google for posterity for
anyone who wants to find out. And if KochiLUG becomes really great (as it
well might) they can choose to/not to throw out every link to exocore from
their pages if they wish. It's no point wasting your efforts ranting on
these lists about that. If ILUG does make some wrong decisions it is bound
to fail someday and dump core, but I am confident that then a stronger
ILUG will emerge somewhere else formed of another group. I guess this
topic is turning more like the GPL/BSD debate in that we are losing sight
of the main issue of popularising and making Linux better (and helping out
the newbies if required). Linux has not grown so much that we can bask in
glory, there's still a long way to go - it's time to save our breath
some. And probably Linux would not be where it is today if people had been
using vi to fight for rights rather than making something to fight
for. The same goes for whoever your opponent is.

> to split, so that a pliable Group comes up.  This is never going to happen because 
> the Group here has different ideas.

if it's never going to happen don't bother yourself about it, and give us
a headache.

> Swati, you need not start bitching now; saying that I am embracing Suresh trying 
> to cozy up to him.  Join up if you have valid points or else go give Tarique a 
> good fuck. ;-) 

That's no way to talk to a lady. I can only wish you the best if you learn
it soon enough.

with best wishes and hoping you get down to do what needs to be done,