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Re: Re: Re: The LUGs in India

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, tarique@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> To let everyone on the list know - legal action is being taken for
> defamation and use of profane language towards my person.
> I suggest to Atul to take the same course as Ragh00 is defaming him as
> well as Exocore.

I have not seen the offending messages, because since last week, we are
filtering any mail from the "gentleman".

We are taking the stand of "give him enough rope, and he will hang
himself". It appears that he just did. Best of luck, though from what I
gather thirdhand (and as your lawyers will confirm), you don't need luck.


please end this thread. You are destroying the image of LI (and Linux) by
propagating it (which includes replying to any messages).


While you are still listadmin, I suggest you clean the stables before you
hand them over. ;-)


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