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Re: Re: Re: The LUGs in India

>>please end this thread. You are destroying the image of LI (and Linux) by
>>propagating it (which includes replying to any messages).

I echo the sentiment. I curse myself for starting this and making the beast
inside Raghu come out. This type of very very indecent behaviour is
unexpected from an educated chap.
What I said was the direct result of the venom being spitted out by *some*
members of the list against Exocore. To some extent, for a new user like me,
these arguments seemed true indeed, especially taking note of the fact that
only Exocore supported LUGs were *supposedly* doing great. I am ashamed of
myself and feel degraded in my own eyes. Only Atul can forgive me now. Sir,
please forgive me and bless my efforts with your patronship. I will
unsubscribe to the list if you feel that'll help. But my aspirations are
selfless, and I really wanna do something for Linux@Kanpur.

>>As for my contributions to Linux (or lack thereof) - I apologise for not
>>having contributed as much to Linux as you have

I once again apologize for not keeping control on my damned fingers. It must
have been the essence of the Unsuccessful day and Raghu's incessant crap
that made me doubt your achievements. I am your disciple and will always
remain. If you want, you can phone my parents and complain to them about my
stupid behaviour. I cant express the sad feeling I got after reading what I
had done. Iam sorry :(

>>There never was any entry for Kanpur in the LUG list. Can you prove that
>>there was one? Any email, any correspondence, anything at all?

The LUG list mentioned was the worldwide LUG database @
lugww.counter.li.org. I received a mail stating why the entry for LUGK was
deleted. I guess my doubts were wrong as LUG Meerut is not run by any
Exocore Employee. I apologize third time for my acerbicity and stupidity.
Raghu's crap about Cochin LUG had me believe that Exocore was behind the
complaining part. Forgive me as I am still your youngest brother's age. :(

Finally, please forgive me and support me in my ambitions. You'll find a
true Linuxian inside me. I know that the first impression is the last one,
but I cant emulate my emotions here.

Saurabh Garg
< http://www.geocities.com/ietk_csjmu/sgarg.htm >