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Re: [Announce] BAngalore Debian & GNU Enthusiasts (BADGE)

Anthony val posts:

> don't bother instead use RHL, I had a very bad exp. almost
> risked my partition. I bought Network Computing got debain,
> its setup is shit. even after spending whole 2 afternoons 
> & evening could not.

First let me say that you have not even cared to look into
Debian thoroughly.  I was using your RHL for 4 long years,
before I gave up and went on to use Debian GNU/Linux.  It is
Debian and not debain.  Network Computing has given you all
a cut-down version of Debian  which is liable to be broken.
The Debian Official release is a 3 CD set of approx. 4000 odd

The Debian GNU/Linux setup is easy to use.  I can help you
off-list with this. Do feel free to mail me.  The Debian  
setup tool called as 'apt-get' is one of the most clued tools 
around to do an incremental update via the network/your
favourite media, with built-in dependency check/fetch unlike
the Redhat Package Manager.

I volunteer to spend time with you to setup Debian, after which
the base setup can be done under 3 minutes and a full XFree 
install can take 7 long minutes ;-)

Will you please mail me off-list ?

Keeping the  Air-Waves FREE.........Amateur Radio
Keeping your Software  FREE.........GNU Project
Keeping the  W W W     FREE..Debian GNU/${kernel}