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Re: [Announce] BAngalore Debian & GNU Enthusiasts (BADGE)

> don't bother instead use RHL, i had a very bad exp. almost risked my
> partition. I bought network computing got debain, its setup is shit. even
> after spending whole 2 afternoons & evening could not.
 The other day i purchased the Network computing special with 2 CD's of
Debian distro...with a lot of enthu...
This is the first time i purchased and looked at Debian.. I then proceeded
to install it on my office machine.. To my utter surprise, i found it to be
least user-friendly and time consuming .. To understand the way the setup is
going to go on, i took a little time ( having installed so confidently ,
SuSe 7, RHL 7.0/6.x/5.x/...., Mandrake 7.0/ and Slackware.. many a times so
easily without even bothering to take the backup of the MBR either)..
And then i had to reboot a couple of times to get the installation exactly
the way i want.. Somehow i feel that Debian Installation setup needs a
facelift compared to how the others are doing... It is ok for guys like me
because i know all the basics about partition tables, Multiboot OS's etc..,
but i wonder how a newbie is going to cope up on the first time.. I somehow
feel that Debian is to be more Newbie friendly.. How ever i do not know
after that as to how easily configurable it is in other aspects.. But i have
my doubts..!!!
what are others experiences regarding Debian..