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Re: [Announce] BAngalore Debian & GNU Enthusiasts (BADGE)

On 4 Mar 2001, at 7:42, maricha wrote:

> that Debian Installation setup needs a facelift compared to how the
> others are doing... It is ok for guys like me because i know all the

actually the debian install process is pretty logical...it is just 
that it has its own way...but for a newbie, don't you think it is 
better to read up the necessary documents before installing linux? I 
believe if a person really wants to install and learn about linux, 
he/she shouldhave the inclination to dig and learn something about it 
before just putting a Cd/DVD in and starting the install.

> basics about partition tables, Multiboot OS's etc.., but i wonder how
> a newbie is going to cope up on the first time.. I somehow feel that
> Debian is to be more Newbie friendly.. How ever i do not know after

I have heard nice things said about the OReilly open book about 
installing debian available at their site..its a walk meby the hand 
type book, telling how to make a dual boot system with winDOS.

> that as to how easily configurable it is in other aspects.. But i have
> my doubts..!!! what are others experiences regarding Debian..

Compared with a redhat/mandrake install, a debian install is over in 
a jiffy...with teh others you have to unselect most of the packages 
that are selected by default, atleast debian allows you to install 
complete package sets as a task.

and once installed, it is prolly the easiest to administer:)