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Re: laptop running RH 7.1 and Sun Ultra 5 for sale

I'm interested too, if the price is right and if Leo doesn't pick it
up first :)


-- Raju

>>>>> "Leo" == Leo Fernandez <leogf@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Leo> Hi, I would be interested in the laptop. I was just about to
    Leo> buy one.  What's the price you are expecting. Let me know
    Leo> when it's a good time to call. You can call me anytime at:
    Leo> 248 8562.  BTW I wonder if I've met you at one of the Delhi
    Leo> LUG meets. I haven't been to one in the last few months.

    Leo> Cheers

    Leo> Leo Fernandez

    Leo> At 05:23 PM 8/23/01 +0530, you wrote:
    >> Dear all,
    >> Screaming fast laptop running Red Hat 7.1 is for sale. The
    >> specs are as follows:
    >> model: Dell Inspiron 8000 Pentium III - 850Mhz CPU 512 MB RAM
    >> Active Matrix TFT screen with 1600x1200 pixels resolution ATI
    >> M4 video card with 32MB of video RAM 32 GB IBM HDD 8x Toshiba
    >> DVD (built in) 8x Sony CDRW (swaps with 2nd battery - internal
    >> CDRW with 8MB buffer) built in 3Com 56K modem built in 3Com
    >> 100mbit NIC 2 batteries for 8 hours of continuous work built in
    >> fire wire port for video capturing and output 2 USB ports
    >> S-Video Output Composite video output Dolby Digital sound
    >> output computer has 3 years international onsite warranty also
    >> valid in India
    >> It has installed Red Hat 7.1, Win 2K and Win ME, all working
    >> flawlessly. RH 7.1 also works in 1600x1200, it looks beautiful
    >> and supports all the hardware of the laptop.

Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/