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laptop running RH 7.1 and Sun Ultra 5 for sale

Dear all,

Screaming fast laptop running Red Hat 7.1 is for sale. The specs are as

model: Dell Inspiron 8000
Pentium III - 850Mhz CPU
512 MB RAM
Active Matrix TFT screen with 1600x1200 pixels resolution
ATI M4 video card with 32MB of video RAM
8x Toshiba DVD (built in)
8x Sony CDRW (swaps with 2nd battery - internal CDRW with 8MB buffer)
built in 3Com 56K modem
built in 3Com 100mbit NIC
2 batteries for 8 hours of continuous work
built in fire wire port for video capturing and output
2 USB ports
S-Video Output
Composite video output
Dolby Digital sound output
computer has 3 years international onsite warranty also valid in India

It has installed Red Hat 7.1, Win 2K and Win ME, all working flawlessly. RH
7.1 also works in 1600x1200, it looks beautiful and supports all the
hardware of the laptop.

There is also one Sun Ultra 5 workstation for sale. The specs are as

UltraSPARC-IIi Processor on 270 Mhz
128MB RAM,
4 GB original HDD that came with the unit and it works fine(certified Sun
and now also with additional 30 GB Seagate Fireball 3 7200 rpm HDD which is
now primary drive,
PGX24 (24-bit graphics adapter built in),
Unix style keyboard and mouse
Network adapter and com ports are of course there
Solaris 8 is already installed

Anyone with serious offer can contact me on: 98110 25274 (my Delhi cell
phone number) or write to dnd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks and sorry for inconvenience.

Dina-natha Das.