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Re: X? What do you say?

On Tue, Jul 17, 2001 at 01:57:26AM -0700, harshal vaidya wrote:
>Hi , 
> i have observed that somebody on this list has quotes
>at the last of his postings such as
> "X born to be torn apart " and the like . he has many
>quotes of this type which are interesting and funny as
>well. i wonder where does he get them from. anyways
>lets get to the point ..
He Is Me! ;)

and I have made a fortune cookie outta which I get 'em
I can give it to ya if ju want.

>Although any window system such as  KDE or GNOME is no
>match for windows UI still ( i am sure they will
>someday ) onr thing is been prominently noticed and
>that is X server with any window system KDE or GNOME
>is slow ; with the same config windows runs much
>how about some comments ;)
hmmm.. luk man troll.

X Windows:	To err is X windows.
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