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can anyone help me

respected users ,
i have some queries regarding making some software 
1) unrm
i want to make a software on undeleint software which
will be invoked whenever a user does rm
so my concept  says if i xcan hold inode no or inode
table then i can do 
it i think dihenet.h will help
me but
my question is 
its right that we can get the inode number basing on
files but can we get the file basing on inode no.
thses perticular software will work if user tries to
login for 2imes and is unable to login due to bad
passowrd the user gets disabled for 5 seconds
and prompts wait for 5 seconds if any body ries in
that session
can any one help
linuxboy kshounish

son of linux inspired by anand babu(kshounish dasgupta 
lajpatnagar l-II 104/105 bigleap academy 
6314429 6314493 pincode 110024]

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