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X? What do you say?

Hi , 
 i have observed that somebody on this list has quotes
at the last of his postings such as
 "X born to be torn apart " and the like . he has many
quotes of this type which are interesting and funny as
well. i wonder where does he get them from. anyways
lets get to the point ..

 its been 3 months with linux now and after a long
fight i have set up my X server on that infamous
SiS6215 at my home and intel 810 at my office.

Although any window system such as  KDE or GNOME is no
match for windows UI still ( i am sure they will
someday ) onr thing is been prominently noticed and
that is X server with any window system KDE or GNOME
is slow ; with the same config windows runs much

how about some comments ;)

-- Thanks 
-- Harshal Vaidya.

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