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RE: Miguel de Icaza set to embrace .NET


nebdy who wants to know abt. concept behind .net can read this month's pcq.

In essence it says that .net is trying to kill java!
And by what it looks it is suceeding.

Like JVM, .net p/f has CLR(Common Lang. Runtime). Like JVM, Any m/c and any
OS which has CLR installed will run the code written on any OS.

The Two are diff. in sense:
1) JVM runs only one lang. that's Java. CLR as of now supports three langs:
C#, VB.net, VC.net.
   This significantly reduces learning curve and switching over. MS claims,
Java/C++ guys can     shift to C# and VC++ while VB guys will need no

2) Implemtations of JVM are avail. for many p/fs while CLR is curr. for
winduhs only.

Now it is clear MS is not going to allow JVM take adv. of IInd fact and
providing it's impli. for other p/fs though MS can lose monopoly of Winduhs
it wants monoply in more lucrative mkt!

This is dangerous since, i blv., CLR is not going to be open source like
JVM! With CLR internals details only with MS, thing set for another monoply!


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On Tue, Jul 10, 2001 at 11:23:25AM -0400, neil wrote:
>raju>with GNOME lead Miguel de Icaza promising to have .NET code ready by
>raju>the middle of next year.
>aai karamba!
>isnt anything sacred anymore???
Note1: I have no idea about XML .NET or C#
Note2: But I belive it is open
Request1: Will anyone write a short description of it ?

Apart from being scared of this I have a question .
Why is the tech that comes from microsoft not respected
in our community just because its from a bad company
dos'nt mean its a bad tech.

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