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Re: Miguel de Icaza set to embrace .NET

I agree with sandip, If they have made something they market it & does the
promises etc keeping the source hidden to user.. ... That's
it. otherwise it does't mean M$FT is the only option.


On Fri, 13 Jul 2001, you wrote:
> I agree to that somewhat. That would cover a large part of the cases.
> But seriously, 
> 1. No one can even hope to be as successful as Microsft ever
> 2. You better come up with a better counter point to that, ie. the 
>    argument that Microsoft hasn't ever been innovative in their products,
>    Their products are generally re-invented,  better packaged, better
>    muscled into the market,  
>    , and there is nothing wrong in that(it is a free world). But they
>    have deliberately tried to crush the alternatives wherever they
>    could and they have deliberately tried to make the world as
>    un-inter-operative , wherever they could.
> 3. How come the world never notices when other firms come up with the
>     same things earlier. But when Microsoft comes up with the same
>     thing(pf course, with the name changed) they sit up and vulgarly
>     dance about it? Take SOAP,C#,.NET,COM, et al
> That's enough M$ bashing from me for quite a while. I hate myself when
> I do it. After all this list is supposed to be Linux one, and not a M$
> bashing one. But then, for many opensource fans, this is all about
> one-upmanship against the big M - the rush to provide the
> "alternative". 
> - Sandip
> On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 10:45:43PM +0530, Shiv Jha Mathur merrily said:
> > I absolutely agree with what Neil has said.  Most of the people who
> > criticise Microsoft aren't as successful as they [the people] would
> > like to be.  So, when they find someone who *is* successful, they
> > badmouth them to vent their frustration.  Kind of like the fox and the
> > grapes he couldn't reach.
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