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Re: Miguel de Icaza set to embrace .NET

I agree to that somewhat. That would cover a large part of the cases.

But seriously, 
1. No one can even hope to be as successful as Microsft ever
2. You better come up with a better counter point to that, ie. the 
   argument that Microsoft hasn't ever been innovative in their products,
   Their products are generally re-invented,  better packaged, better
   muscled into the market,  
   , and there is nothing wrong in that(it is a free world). But they
   have deliberately tried to crush the alternatives wherever they
   could and they have deliberately tried to make the world as
   un-inter-operative , wherever they could.
3. How come the world never notices when other firms come up with the
    same things earlier. But when Microsoft comes up with the same
    thing(pf course, with the name changed) they sit up and vulgarly
    dance about it? Take SOAP,C#,.NET,COM, et al

That's enough M$ bashing from me for quite a while. I hate myself when
I do it. After all this list is supposed to be Linux one, and not a M$
bashing one. But then, for many opensource fans, this is all about
one-upmanship against the big M - the rush to provide the

- Sandip

On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 10:45:43PM +0530, Shiv Jha Mathur merrily said:
> I absolutely agree with what Neil has said.  Most of the people who
> criticise Microsoft aren't as successful as they [the people] would
> like to be.  So, when they find someone who *is* successful, they
> badmouth them to vent their frustration.  Kind of like the fox and the
> grapes he couldn't reach.

Sandip Bhattacharya 
sandipb @ bigfoot.com