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Re: Miguel de Icaza set to embrace .NET

sandip>It is because other than usablity firsts, everything that has come
sandip>from Microsoft till now has been re-invented concepts, just packaged
sandip>and marketed as a _new_thing_
hmm... dude... thats a general bias...
what about win3.1???
what abt media player?
what abt visual basic?
they were the first at em ... and did a good job.
neways... dude... give credit where its due...
if they were such a bunch of idiots... they wudnt have reached the place
they have... trust me.

sandip>This comes from a person who actually is quite ill-informed, nevertheless:
sandip>.NET,Hailstorm,C# is similar to NC from Sun(which M$ killed) and Java(which
sandip>they are about to kill)
hmm.. ill read more abt that and get back to u on that one...

see dude... 
psycologically speaking(got that one from a friend whos doing psyco from
DU), its more of jelaousy... u want to be as sucessful as em... so if u
cant be as good as em... make them as bad as u??? makes sense.???
dont get defensive on this one... or ull have to battle the entire batch
of psycos(as i like to call guys studying that at DU)... not me..


Ignorance is bliss.. u know that dont you?