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Re: Miguel de Icaza set to embrace .NET

neil wrote:

  sandip>It is because other than usablity firsts, everything that has
  sandip>from Microsoft till now has been re-invented concepts, just
  sandip>and marketed as a _new_thing_
  hmm... dude... thats a general bias...
  what about win3.1???

Excuse Me, but win 3.1 was copied from mac

  what abt media player?

Media players were existing in many OS before Micro$oft . So nothing new
in it. Though it crashes ever so often, but I admit it is not as shitty
as there other

  what abt visual basic?

And vb is the root of all the email viruses. When you make a language
you do include security in it. Take java for instance... it may be a bit
slow, but it is secure ,
not like vb
Stupid language for morons who can't even design an interface without
drag and drop

  they were the first at em ... and did a good job.
  neways... dude... give credit where its due...
  if they were such a bunch of idiots... they wudnt have reached the
  they have... trust me.

I would say, if people were not idiot and piracy was not there, they
would have not been so big as they are now.

  sandip>This comes from a person who actually is quite ill-informed,
  sandip>.NET,Hailstorm,C# is similar to NC from Sun(which M$ killed)
and Java(which
  sandip>they are about to kill)
  hmm.. ill read more abt that and get back to u on that one...

  see dude...
  psycologically speaking(got that one from a friend whos doing psyco
  DU), its more of jelaousy... u want to be as sucessful as em... so if
  cant be as good as em... make them as bad as u??? makes sense.???
  dont get defensive on this one... or ull have to battle the entire
  of psycos(as i like to call guys studying that at DU)... not me..


  Ignorance is bliss.. u know that dont you?

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