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Re: Miguel de Icaza set to embrace .NET

well rajat... now uve asked for it...

> Excuse Me, but win 3.1 was copied from mac
hmm... im not very sure about that one... but u may be correct.

> Media players were existing in many OS before Micro$oft . So nothing new
> in it. Though it crashes ever so often, but I admit it is not as shitty
> as there other system.
name the other OS's and their media players....
dont just hit in the dark...
and dude... what were the MANY other OS's at that time???
even linux is getting its media player only now...

> And vb is the root of all the email viruses. When you make a language
> you do include security in it. Take java for instance... it may be a bit
> slow, but it is secure ,
> not like vb
dude... everything takes time... c has had a lifetime to improve itself...
vb has had what 6 years??? and they are improving it... it has
revolutionised the way ppl make s/w...
what do u think glade(for linux) is trying to imitate... just bcos u may
think ur one cool dude who uses
C/C++ to code... doesnt meant there arnt cooler guys who say what the
heck... there are better things to do with my time...

> Stupid language for morons who can't even design an interface without
> drag and drop
hmm... stupid guys who have better things to do than sitting infront of a pc
all day...

> I would say, if people were not idiot and piracy was not there, they
> would have not been so big as they are now.
piracy ???? dude... did u fall on ur head????
M$ looses more money on piracy than they make by selling their liscensed
s/w... in india...
as for ppl being idiots... well dude... heard of the old hindi saying...
"andhon mein kaana raja??"

u know rajat... just read ur mail... it wreaks with bias...
its not a good thing... its shows ur inability to judge things for what they

hehe... not one of my virtues either... hehe


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