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Re: Miguel de Icaza set to embrace .NET

On Tue, Jul 10, 2001 at 05:16:00PM -0400, neil wrote:
>apengu>Why is the tech that comes from microsoft not respected
>apengu>in our community just because its from a bad company 
>apengu>dos'nt mean its a bad tech.
>my centiments exactly...
>.net is good attempt at making computing simpler...
>even their media player kicks ass..(6.X)
>and their MSN explorer is like exellent... (stable,fast,best looking thing
>ive seen)
You can call me a puerist but I haven't used any of the above mentioned 
applications so can't comment on that. but what can I do i cant apt-get em at
>i think its more of a bias that we have, and a little snobbery.
>which doesnot work both ways...(ull never see a win user saying-uh u use
>linux... we do it al the time...) we probably have reasons... but its bad.
Ya its kiddish to make faces and sounds everytime u see a windows user
because some of the things work very well on that system
and there are some things that only work on that system.

linux has a long way to go and co-existing with windows may well
be a better option then replace it.
X Windows:	A new concept in abuser interfaces.
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