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Re: Miguel de Icaza set to embrace .NET

apengu>Why is the tech that comes from microsoft not respected
apengu>in our community just because its from a bad company 
apengu>dos'nt mean its a bad tech.
my centiments exactly...
.net is good attempt at making computing simpler...
even their media player kicks ass..(6.X)
and their MSN explorer is like exellent... (stable,fast,best looking thing
ive seen)

i think its more of a bias that we have, and a little snobbery.
which doesnot work both ways...(ull never see a win user saying-uh u use
linux... we do it al the time...) we probably have reasons... but its bad.

we are one with the universe... and must respect all things alike... those
made by god and by bill gates.


Ignorance is bliss.. u know that dont you?