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Re: Fetchmail with mails of mailing lists...

Hi sandip,
   Are you talking about  H?l?Delivered-To: $u   option in sendmail.conf
which we did i remember to one server online?
   I have added this option by virtue of which there is one option in
header.i can see...

Delivered-To: <dheeraj.anand@xxxxxxxxxxx>
X-Fetchmail-Warning: recipient address linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
didn't match any
    local name

means "Delivered-To" is there , this is the example of one user subscribed to

There is another example of one user who is subscribe to some flash coder
mailing list

for <harender.kumar@xxxxxxxxxxx>;
X-Fetchmail-Warning: recipient address flashcoders@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
didn't match any
    local name
If you wish i will sent you the exact header at you personal account..
It am using fetchmail-5.3.1-1  , may be the syntax of .fetchmailrc is wrong
i will check, & let you know



Sandip Bhattacharya wrote:

> On Sat, Jun 23, 2001 at 12:42:13PM +0530, Yashpal Nagar merrily said:
> > X-Fetchmail-Warning: recipient address flashcoders@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > didn't match any
> >     local name
> Ok, so that's a problem. What you have is a common problem with
> fetchmail in multidrop mode. Fetchmail guesses the localname using the
> "Received: To: Cc: Bcc:" header in that order. Now in mailing lists,
> you only have the mailing-list address in the To: header and there is
> absolutely no other information to show who the mail actually is
> for.( Actually there is, but when you are using a single mailbox for
> all the users in your office, you lose that envelope information which
> is overwritten by the address of your common mailbox)
> Thus fetchmail can't find out who the mail is for, and delivers it to
> your postmaster.
> Yash, the example that you had given above is that of a mailing
> list. If you have problems with direct users then you have other
> additional problems.
> The solution is thus: Add a line to /etc/sendmail.cf of the remote
> mail server to add an addition header (I recommend Delivered-to: ) to
> the mails with the envelope address. Then add the option Envelope
> "Delivered-to:" to your fetchmailrc as before.
> I forget the actual line to be put in sendmail.cf, I can find it out
> for you on Monday from our office servers, where we are using a
> similar setup.
> - Sandip
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