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Re: Fetchmail with mails of mailing lists...

On Sat, Jun 23, 2001 at 12:42:13PM +0530, Yashpal Nagar merrily said:
> X-Fetchmail-Warning: recipient address flashcoders@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> didn't match any
>     local name

Ok, so that's a problem. What you have is a common problem with
fetchmail in multidrop mode. Fetchmail guesses the localname using the
"Received: To: Cc: Bcc:" header in that order. Now in mailing lists,
you only have the mailing-list address in the To: header and there is
absolutely no other information to show who the mail actually is
for.( Actually there is, but when you are using a single mailbox for
all the users in your office, you lose that envelope information which
is overwritten by the address of your common mailbox)

Thus fetchmail can't find out who the mail is for, and delivers it to
your postmaster. 

Yash, the example that you had given above is that of a mailing
list. If you have problems with direct users then you have other
additional problems.

The solution is thus: Add a line to /etc/sendmail.cf of the remote
mail server to add an addition header (I recommend Delivered-to: ) to
the mails with the envelope address. Then add the option Envelope
"Delivered-to:" to your fetchmailrc as before.

I forget the actual line to be put in sendmail.cf, I can find it out
for you on Monday from our office servers, where we are using a
similar setup.

- Sandip

Sandip Bhattacharya 
sandipb @ bigfoot.com