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Re: 2 Ethernet

I figured out that Telecom NZ enable Full Duplex, so it would be rather 
stupid of me to use one as outgoing and another as incoming.. it wouldn't 
make any difference.  I need to get them running together.. :S

So still IRDP?

On Monday 18 June 2001 04:04, you wrote:
> It doesn't matter if you run OSPF or RIP or even BGP, since they're
> all based on best-match algorithms (shortest AS-path in BGP, shortest
> number of hops in RIP, don't know what in OSPF).  In other words,
> they'll not allow you to have 2 default gateways to the outside world.
> In addition, the rest of the world will know only one best path to
> your system, except some sites which are closer on the second link, as
> long as you use BGP.
> I'd suggest using IRDP (Internet Router Discovery Protocol) if you can
> get it going with Linux for balancing outgoing traffic (both Zebra and
> Gated support it IIRC).  Balancing incoming traffic is next to
> impossible -- stick to using one link as primary and one as backup.
> Regards,
> -- Raju
> >>>>> "Naresh" == Naresh Narang <nknarang@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>     Naresh> You should write how you are connecting to outside world
>     Naresh> (make some diagram). Presuming that you have 3 NICs on the
>     Naresh> GW, I think you are trying to use a static route which
>     Naresh> routes your requests thru the one configured. You need to
>     Naresh> run dynamic routing protocol like RIP2 or OSPF. This can
>     Naresh> be done by running routed or gated. Read their man pages.
>     Naresh> Regards, Naresh
>     Naresh> --- Sahil Gupta - NET4U <sahil@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>     >> Hello Everyone, The situation is this: In New Zealand you can
>     >> get 128k DSL Links fairly cheaply.  I am intending on getting 2
>     >> of them and configuring my Linux Box so that I have a 256k
>     >> Internet Link :)
>     >>
>     >> I am able to get it to a state where the LAN has 2 Gateways;
>     >> and where each gateway is one 128k
>     >> Link.
>     >>
>     >> If I configure my Linux Box for either gateway the Internet
>     >> Works.. :) But, only at 128k :(
>     >>
>     >> Does anybody know how to make it so that I can use both
>     >> connections together?  Perhaps even so that is
>     >> used for Outgoing Data and is used for Incoming?