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Re: 2 Ethernet

It doesn't matter if you run OSPF or RIP or even BGP, since they're
all based on best-match algorithms (shortest AS-path in BGP, shortest
number of hops in RIP, don't know what in OSPF).  In other words,
they'll not allow you to have 2 default gateways to the outside world.
In addition, the rest of the world will know only one best path to
your system, except some sites which are closer on the second link, as
long as you use BGP.

I'd suggest using IRDP (Internet Router Discovery Protocol) if you can
get it going with Linux for balancing outgoing traffic (both Zebra and
Gated support it IIRC).  Balancing incoming traffic is next to
impossible -- stick to using one link as primary and one as backup.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Naresh" == Naresh Narang <nknarang@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Naresh> You should write how you are connecting to outside world
    Naresh> (make some diagram). Presuming that you have 3 NICs on the
    Naresh> GW, I think you are trying to use a static route which
    Naresh> routes your requests thru the one configured. You need to
    Naresh> run dynamic routing protocol like RIP2 or OSPF. This can
    Naresh> be done by running routed or gated. Read their man pages.

    Naresh> Regards, Naresh

    Naresh> --- Sahil Gupta - NET4U <sahil@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >> Hello Everyone, The situation is this: In New Zealand you can
    >> get 128k DSL Links fairly cheaply.  I am intending on getting 2
    >> of them and configuring my Linux Box so that I have a 256k
    >> Internet Link :)
    >> I am able to get it to a state where the LAN has 2 Gateways;
    >> and where each gateway is one 128k
    >> Link.
    >> If I configure my Linux Box for either gateway the Internet
    >> Works.. :) But, only at 128k :(
    >> Does anybody know how to make it so that I can use both
    >> connections together?  Perhaps even so that is
    >> used for Outgoing Data and is used for Incoming?
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