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Re: Celeron Vs Duron

Hey, I have the i740.
Great Card! Its an 8MB AGP card, I bought it for Rs.3500 but since I've used
it plenty I'll of course sell it cheaper :). I live in new delhi so if you
want it, let me know and yes, NFS runs great. Btw, Quake III also runs great
and it has good support for Direct 3D and OpenGL except for the fact that
not too many OpenGL extensions are supported. FogCoordExt, etc.
On the other hand, you can also buy an 815 motherboard which comes bundled
with the i840. Or go in for a TNT2 (Vanta NOT Asus) and you can get it for
Rs. 3000-Rs.4500 or maybe even cheaper.
Well, that's all from me, FIRST post of mine, guys!


P.S: Monitors don't usually make a big difference since most of the monitors
available in India suck anyway and hardly any will ever go upto a good
resolution at a good refresh rate so well :)...
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> > I am planning to buy a new system. I am told that AMD-Duron/Biostar
> > Motherboard beats the Celeron/Intel motherboard combination hands down.
> > it true? Please advise me on an ideal combination
> yes its true to my knowlege. the AMDs have allways been known to perform
> inbetween the celeron and the intel PX series..
> > I am thinking on these lines:
> > LG 15" monitor
> no good . LG sucked at its 15". i dont know why... their 14" ones kicked
> ass.. but 15"'s left u saying "now what?" i cant say which one to go in
> for... but i can steer u away from one "killer" namely... viewsonic..
> go in for a SAMTRON. some of their monitors are quite good.
> > AGP card(Should i go for it or not...i do like NFS!!:-)
> u dont need AGP to run NFS(tho it adds some 'tashar')... becides all the
> good AGP's are way too expensive(5-10K). i have the i740... a great
> card... worth the money too(3.5K when i bot it)... but i dont think u can
> find one anymore... try for the i840(if u want)... its evil..
> Neil
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