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Re: Celeron Vs Duron

Hi people
thanks for all ur inputs
here is a preview of what i
AMD 800MHz with a AM35-Rev A DFI motherboard(i am still researching if this has a 200MHz FSB support coz if it doesnot then i will ask my vendor to change it, so if anyone knows anything about it plz enlighten)
128 MB ram 133 MHz(alpha chipset)
40GB seagate hdd
samtron 55v 15" monitor
the graphics card is on hold for a couple of months (i.e till the time i have mulla at hand and then me is gonna go for geforce2 so till then it is going to be the inbuilt s3 savage pro

am partitioning my hdd today... going to install win2k,win98se and well u guessed it... linux (most probably RH7.0 coz that is the only one i can get my hands on... if anyone is having a debian and lives close to munirka then can i borrow it from u for a day...

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