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Re: Celeron Vs Duron

Things to look for in a monitor.

1. Refresh rate : 60Hz is what seems to be common in most of the
monitors but it is also very bad for your eyes. Mine is 85Hz but it is a
17" try to go as high as you can the higher the better.
2. Non-interlaced : Interlaced display is worse than a low refresh rate
monitor. Whatever happens dont take a interlaced monitor. A high refresh
rate monitor usually is non interlaced.
Note: Quite a few display is non interlaced only at the highest
3. Moiree : It is the colorful thingy you see when X is just starting up
and no images have been displayed it - looks like you are looking at a
oil film on water. Don't take a monitor if it is doing that at your
preffered resolution. I am not sure but I believe it implies that your
monitor is not able to handle the resolution too well.
4. Pure black : Black is not always black in most monitors. Do make sure
that in text mode you are getting black and not a dark grey haze.
5. Flat : A flat screen is always less straning to your eyes than a non
flat one.
6. Square display : If the display gets rounded off at the corners that
means the CRT is not able to handle the extreme ends well. Try to avoid
such monitors.

I have listed them in the order of priority for a common user but if you
get everything in your monitor nothing like it. I am using SAMTRON
SAMSUNG 75E and it has all of the above 85Hz at 1024x768. LG Studioworks
45V should definitely not be bought.