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Re: Celeron Vs Duron

> samtron 55v 15" monitor
don't go in with this monitor. This is probably one of the worst 15"
monitors around.. And in fact imho if u r looking at this monitor, then
consider getting a 14" monitor. The samtron/lg 14" monitors hav almost the
same look & feel!!!! If u wan't anything that is better than a 14" monitor,
seriously consider a 17" monitor. Nowadays decent 17" monitors like the
samtron 75E costs in the range of 11-12K!!

> the graphics card is on hold for a couple of months (i.e till the time i
> have mulla at hand and then me is gonna go for geforce2 so till then it is
> going to be the inbuilt s3 savage pro
there is no point getting a good card, when you are going to be stuck with
resolutions of 800x600 or 1024x768!!!! give the geforce2mx or the tnt2 based
cards a thought. Nowadays you can get a tnt2 card for around 3.5k and a
geforce2mx for around 8k!

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