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Re: [linux box as router]

Hi Jasmeet
Well, better you use LINUX as your gateway. Yes using Linux you can provide
internet access to all nodes of your intranet. In linux, using squid u can do
this. And using ipchains facility you can add lot of other functionalities
like, banning the remote sites or if you want that no one in your local
network should access Yahoo, you can deny any request to Yahoo from your
gateway etc etc.... and lot of other stuff.
I would recommend you to go for Linux. Linux RedHat 7.0 is now in market. Go
for it

"Jasmeet S. Virdi" <virdi@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
        currently i am using a win2K server machine (PIII, 600 MHz, 256 Mb
RAM Machine) as a router, just a router. I want to free up this machine (it
can b used for some other productive work) and substitute it with a box
which is 32 MB RAM, Celeron 333. What OS should i install on this, i am
currently divided b/w NT and Linux. NT would be very heavy for this, but it
would work (i have made it work earlier), On the other hand i want to
experiment with Linux first.
    Is this possible, does linux support routing , if yes , then please feed
me the details... I have Redhat 6.2 and Mandrake 8.0, which one wud b
appropriate (i think Mandrake 8).


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