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ppp and eth0 prob

    i have a Debian box.which is not on network
but still has a n/w card 
    the problem is that when the normally the gateway in routing table is set via eth0 by default
and when i try to connect to internet then in /var/log/messages in shows  NOT AUTHRIZED TO URE IP afeter getting connceted and just then after this message in disconnects.i have my own DNS on this box.when i tried 2 dial via wvdial i was able 2 establish ppp connection.but no browsing because in /var/log/messages in showed not replacing default gateway(ie via eth0).when i down my eth0
then it works fine.and after net connection when i up eth0 then routing table has gateways via eth0 and ppp0
and browsing is normal
     pls do tell me where is the problem in configuration?


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