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Re: New Convergence bill. plus plus


Open your eyes..it is the same way
IT dept can come and raid your place anytime they want
They can do the same thing  to just about anyone
This is how it works

Doesnt the govt. knows the unaccounted money
how much it exists and in what quantities
but that is how they get the power in democracy

As if they cant come and put some coke in your drawer
and come and get you.....
watch out may be they already are!!!!!!

This is how it works
Democracy gives you freedom to speak
but it also gives goverment to defend the rest of population
against your subversive activities
point in case....IRS>FBI>NSA>>

thats how democracy works
Take it or leave it

I could be wrong but may be not

No ones dismissing the article.....  but u have to accept it
The wild-west days of the NET are over
WAke up...or keep zzzzzzzz

-------------------------------------------------------------------------IT IS JUST A DISCUSSION!!!!!!!

On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 06:29:02PM -0000, nitin batra wrote:
Read todays Hindustan Times
Really scary


Nah...There are already a million laws out there
One more !! wont make much of a difference
And by the way how on the earth they plan to implement it
Last Place on the nET
Have they got the resources to police the net!!!!!
This is what I call  "Stupid"
forgive me but
"moron" Its not about implementing.
its about having the power to screw you whenever they want.
see there are millions of laws which no one knows
until bang! you get caught donig hanky panky with the dsp's
daughter. (or doing HACKING ;)

get this clear if you write something on the web like
say a artical about lynx no body will do anything
tough By Law its no allowed.
but if you disclose something about indian army's
stupid sercurity then man you had it.

See this gives them a power a power that says everybody online
is doing something against the law and this gives them the
power to screw any one .

And don't think that the media and the press will make this a big issue
because they want his to happen they want to be the only one to
be the information suppliers.

This is a very serious just think about it.
don't dismiss it like that.

There is a law (or something like that)
That u cant Photograph A BRIDGE...!!
Dated back to WWII ....
AND IT IS STILL A LAW...u r obliged to abide by it

But then someone said to me arent there satellites up there
checking the color of your shirt..
Maybe not ...but close

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