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Re: New Convergence bill. plus plus

On Thu, May 17, 2001 at 07:28:40AM -0000, nitin batra wrote:
>Open your eyes..it is the same way
>IT dept can come and raid your place anytime they want
>They can do the same thing  to just about anyone
>This is how it works

But I still legaly can write my views on this list
and if that bill Got passed we won't be able to have this conversation
at all.

>Doesnt the govt. knows the unaccounted money
>how much it exists and in what quantities
>but that is how they get the power in democracy
>As if they cant come and put some coke in your drawer
>and come and get you.....
>watch out may be they already are!!!!!!

Thats is  what I am saying they can screw you over anyday 
in the real world if they wish and they want to create 
the same chaos online.

>This is how it works
>Democracy gives you freedom to speak
>but it also gives goverment to defend the rest of population
>against your subversive activities
>point in case....IRS>FBI>NSA>>

No man Goverment treats everyone like
babies deciding for them what they can
can say listen see read write.

This is not democracy 

I say let there be freedom
and let people grow up and decide for themselvs what
 they want to listen to and what the don't.

>thats how democracy works
>Take it or leave it
>I could be wrong but may be not
>No ones dismissing the article.....  but u have to accept it
>The wild-west days of the NET are over
>WAke up...or keep zzzzzzzz

Yes I know our "Happy" days of net are fading away
but thats what I'm scared of.

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