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Re: prob in dial-up setup


I was checking on a very old machine of mine running RH6.1 still and a
very old kernel too, the peerdns seems to be supported there as well. in
fact, it was something that had me puzzled for a long time I was not using
ip-up.local or down.local to change /etc/resolv.conf and yet it would
change on its own with the correct DNSs all the time. 

I looked at the output of ps auxwww|grep pppd and found that usepeerdns
was one of the pppd options. I still don't know where that came from I
have not specified it anywhere and would actually like to ;)


On Mon, 30 Apr 2001, Nikhil Datta wrote:

> man pppd, with a search for 'nameserver' shows :
>  usepeerdns
>               Ask the peer for up to 2 DNS server addresses.  The
>               addresses  supplied by the peer (if any) are passed

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